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Timber Garage Roof Styles

The beauty of buying your timber garage or carriage house from Chart Timber Buildings is the flexibility of design. We create timber buildings in your own image with a number of customisable design features.


May 29th, 2015|

Carports or Carriage Houses – What’s The Difference?

At Chart Timber Buildings we often hear from people enquiring about our carriage house designs but referring to them as something else: carports. It happens fairly regularly, and there can sometimes be a little confusion as to what exactly the difference is, if any?

While they can often mean the same thing, there are slight differences in their original distinctions.
A derivative of the french term ‘porte-cochère’, which means covered portal, carports are cantilever, post-supported or freestanding shelters that help protect your vehicles from the elements. They are large awning type designs that are typically made from a metal like steel or aluminum, with a glass or polycarbonate roof.

In their most common format, they provide shelter for one or two cars, supported by posts.


May 29th, 2015|

New Website Design and App Launch

To celebrate summer we have made some big changes to our website and promotional features. Not only have we introduced a new user friendly, mobile-responsive design, but we are very pleased to launch Chart Timber Buildings’ very first mobile app.

New Website Design
With the aim of making our website easier to view on mobile devices and navigate through different product categories, we have introduced a new design.
Responsive Design Features
Now, when you view the Chart Timber Buildings website on your phone or tablet, the layout will respond to your screen size and render in a stripped back form. Certain content features will be omitted on smaller screen sizes to allow a more fluent browsing experience. It means you can access only the core information needed during a quick mobile product search.
Improved Categorisation
Our Equestrian, Garages and Garden sections are now separated out into their own micro-sites making it easier to browse relevant products and search the individual category ranges. You’ll now find all the information you need on specific categories in one place, and can hop in and out of sections by returning to the Chart Timber Buildings homepage. The purpose of this being, if you are only interested in our Equestrian Buildings, you can see all equine products on offer in one place, without the distraction of our other products.


May 13th, 2015|